BNHHH – 1700th Run


*Note actual vessel used may differ from the one pictured

For a minuscule $60, or $70 for non-members (rate for pre-paid, add $5 for payment on the day)

Enjoy: A run, a cruise, a feed, drinks and music

·       Meet Pig & Whistle Eagle St at midday
·       Run starts 1pm (note provision will be made for storing
    bags immediately prior to commencement of run)
·       2pm board vessel
·       Sometime later – a meal will be served
·       Also sometime later a DJ will spring into action
·       2 - 6pm get drunk

Payment covers beer, wines, and softies, spirits available if you want to pay for them. Note that the vessel is not licensed for BYO. We have budgeted to cover the full 4 hours, but if the money runs out it will become pay as you go.

Any queries contact To & From on 0409 765162 (email, or Cheesecake on 0432 386147

Payments may be made to :

Brisbane Northside Hash House

BSB:  084 929

A/C No:  508947668

Put your Hash name as a payment reference.

Please be sure to email confirmation of your deposit (including your Hash Name and Club) to


T’was on the good ship Venus
By Christ you should have seen us
The figurehead was a whore in bed
Sucking a dead man’s penis.

CHORUS: Friggin’ in the riggin’            
Wankin’ on the plankin’
Masturbatin’ on the gratin’
Cause there’s fuck all else to do.

The crew from Northside Hash
Went out in search of gash
Out on the water, with beer and porter
But sadly little cash.
We called our captain lucky Ned
We never heard a word he said,
But he had a sort, in every port
And a root in every bed.
We called the First Mate Mammary Stick
She longed to light the Captain’s wick
But not she said, till we’re finally wed
Will I try that famous dick.
The ship’s cook’s name was Scrubber
My God he was a bugger
He fed the crew, on menstrual stew
And hymens fried in blubber.
The second mate was Chunda
All day he liked to wonder
While in the water
Fingered the Captain’s daughter
Planning to spread her legs asunder.
The Bosun on that ship was Peri
Though we all knew he was just a fairy
He showed the crew what he could do
With a mind-splitting brew
And made them all fuckin’ merry.
The Lookout’s name was Boxy
The doctor said, He’s poxy
He’d shove his pole, into any hole
Of an unsuspecting doxy.
His Cousin too he was a ripper
And a randy little nipper
He stuffed his arse, with broken glass
And circumcised the skipper.
The Sous-Cook’s name was Cheesy
By Christ he’s bloody sleazy
With a girl in the galley,
tried to slip up her alley
But she said, I’m not that easy.
The ship’s dog’s name was Simba
They spread her legs akimber
And ground and ground, that faithful hound
From Wacol to Bulimba.
So now we end this serial
Through sheer lack of material
We wish you luck, and a jolly good fuck
And don’t catch diseases venereal.

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