Northside Song



(Melody - The Halls of Montezuma)
Contributed by Sodbuster, Copenhagen HHH

There's a man we call our GM,
Who's brave & fine & mad,
And we'll follow him forever,
Though his mental state is bad.

We'll run for him in sunshine,
We'll run for him in rain,
Though we know he's got a swelling,
On the front part of his brain.

Oh, he may have little black-outs,
But they're only fairly slight,
He has moments of depression,
When the Hares don't get it right.

He's got all the classic symptoms,
Of advanced mental decay,
Still we'll kill ourselves for our GM,
Despite what all the doctors say.


The Cheesecake Song

He makes us happy, he makes us gay,
He can bake twice a day,
He’s our pieman.

Up and ready at 3am,
Alert and ready to add the jam,
He’s our pieman.

He can bake in any kind of weather,
Don’t you love that Cheesy taste of cheddar,
So, if you’re feeling down and blue,
He’s got a tasty treat for you,
Cheesecake, go bake.

Written by Tail

Pounda's Song

(Tune: The Addams family)

His guts they are convulsing
His puking is repulsing
                          Thank god he isn't farting                          It's Pounda vomiting

                         His stomach lining's missing                                               He's nervous when he's pissing                                                 No one wants to kiss him                             When Pounda's vomiting

                              Everywhere is stinking                                               He's far too pissed for thinking                                             And so he keeps on drinking                         It's Pounda vomiting

                         For all his might and thunder                                                He knows it was a blunder                                                 He misses his mate Chunda                           It's Pounda vomiting

CAN'T KEEP IT Down, down, down, down

Written by Jake the Peg


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