BNHHH is a mixed club that runs at 6:30pm sharp on Monday nights in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

We have runners and walkers and both the run and the walk usually take an hour (or longer if the Hare cocks it up).

We have both fast and slow runners (and some who are simply too fat or lazy to run or just like to short cut), so don't feel too bad if you are not an Olympic athlete, we all think we are at some stage in our lives.

Financial Members pay $10 a run which includes some drinks, hash tucker, humour, abuse and a bit of bullshit.

Visitors pay $15 which includes all of the above and drops to $10 when subs are paid. After 4 runs as a visitor, you will be considered as a member and are then obliged to pay subs.

Next week's run:
Please remember to bring your own drinking vessel.
Paid members only during COVID restrictions - you MUST reply to your invitation email to book your spot (20 people maximum)



Brighton Park Brighton (west side of Houghton Bridge waterfront Brighton)


49A Winter Rd KallangurVampire


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